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Root penetration in sewers across KC!

Ingrowing roots cause damage to the pipe system / sewer

Root growth is a biological process, which can take place at supply or disposal lines, such as in sewers or sewage manholes. Root growth occurs whenever roots within conduits or pipes and especially within Pipe Fittings room.

The most common technical solution for connecting sewer pipes represent connectors. In this system, the pointed ends of the respective tubes with the sleeve of the subsequent tube or with a separate sleeve couplers are connected. They offer over other systems the advantage that they are relatively easy to manufacture, even under difficult site conditions. By growing roots affected lines subsequent backfilling and compaction of the backfill were introduced usually by digging a trench, laid underground.

Due to the necessary for the mating geometry remains at all connectors, an annular gap, which forms the inlet opening for roots in the annular space located behind it. In glued or welded pipe connections, which are typical for example in supply lines, root penetration occurs only rarely, because the annular gaps occur in this case due to the adhesive or welding work may not be available. Generally occurs on root growth even with glued and welded pipe joints.

Roots grow into the annular space and ultimately to the cable cross-section of the relevant cables. As a result of root growth in sewers can root cushion (outflow obstacles), leaks, cracks and damage to the cable may occur. The error-free operation of the relevant waste water treatment plant is in many cases no longer possible because the growth of the roots continues, as long as the growth of the tree in question persists.

Through the use of powerful root cutters we are of pipe professional München able protruding supports to eliminate fossilized deposits and extreme root growth of your sewers efficiently. Existing defects we can put dig freely by liner method in prior. Within the tightness test or the TV sewer inspection for private sewers existing ingrowths roots are recognized early.

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Big Jon's uses the Pipe Pull method when it comes to sewer rooting so that you are far less likely to have to pay for expensive excavations and removals. This newer sewer rooting approach will not interrupt your residential and commercial areas and will also save you an arm and a leg when it comes to the cost.

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