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Clean clogged drains with home remedies

 Outflows afford much, daily hand washing and showering or rinsing the dishes left their mark. It may happen that the drain is clogged. To purchase immediately chemically aggressive and price-intensive drain cleaners, standard household agents and a little talent at using tools can be a real alternative. At best, you can save even the expensive skilled in the art from the plumbing trade.
Why clogged a drain?

Often there are several reasons for the cause of the outflow ultimately leaves no water through. Deposits of soap and fat, as well as textile fibers and especially hair sometimes bring a drain to its limits. If it is not cleaned regularly, it comes gradually to the final constipation.
What home remedies can I use?

Before using chemicals and consult an expert for advice, you can try these tried and true home remedies:
Baking soda and vinegar

The most effective way to go with the tried and true home remedies baking soda and vinegar before. Instead of baking it must also be pure baking soda, which can be purchased inexpensively in any well-stocked supermarket or drugstore. Enter about 50 g of baking powder into the sink and pour the same amount of vinegar after. Seal immediately sink to the closure or a wet rag. The baking powder or baking soda reacts with the vinegar, it foams. Soak This mixture, if possible overnight. Then rinse the drain with plenty of hot water. Repeat as necessary.

The suction bell: even without chemical reaction can even stubborn blockages of drains are mechanically solved with a suction cup. For the suction cup is (colloquially known as Pümpel or Pömpel) pushed over the drain opening and the sink or the tub as far up with water until the rubber part of the suction cup is completely covered with water. Then you still closes the overflow of the basin with a damp cloth to get airtight to the system. By moving up and down the suction cup a suction effect will be achieved, which often leads to the successful release of the blockage.
Wire brush

Also mechanically to blockages that are located close to the drain, be solved with a wire brush in the form of a bottle brush.
Denture cleaners

An inexpensive and often targeted way are denture cleaning tablets, which can be bought in any supermarket. Loosen crushed and brought down the drain with water overnight to remove stubborn blockages on. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

Coke is not really healthy, but an effective drain cleaner. Due to the low concentration of phosphoric acid in the beverage, a graft can be resolved from deposits overnight. Flush with plenty of hot water.

Have the opportunities described above showed no effect, remains as the next step to dismantle the trap - at least when it is reachable for you. There needs to prepare a bucket and rags, the right tools such as a pipe wrench (the shutter should be snug) and very importantly, the turning of the water. Ask. The bucket under the trap and loosen the nut to dismantle it if necessary with pliers Clean the parts of the siphon mechanically with a brush made of wire, with an old toothbrush and hot water. Then you put it back together and check it for leaks.

Come with the above methods do not continue, you can still rely on high-pressure cleaner or spirals to loosen the deposits. Is there any evidence that this does not work, pull better add a professional and call a Klemper or the janitor at.

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As a full-service, residential and commercial KC Area plumbing company, each of Big Jon's plumbers can be trusted to handle every aspect of plumbing, from a dripping faucet to a complete kitchen remodel. Go to our repair page for more info.

Drain Cleaning

We have over 30 years of combined experience clearing clogged drains and our tech's will take care of the problem before it can cause further damage. We will also fix the problem the right way the first time so you won’t be calling us  multiple times each year to unclog the same drain, toilet, sink or clogged main sewer line.


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Big Jon's uses the Pipe Pull method when it comes to sewer rooting so that you are far less likely to have to pay for expensive excavations and removals. This newer sewer rooting approach will not interrupt your residential and commercial areas and will also save you an arm and a leg when it comes to the cost.

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